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Fridge is such a great gift to modern life. Just imagine, if there was no fridge we wouldn’t have experienced cold drinks, ice cream and many other delicious foods. So, when you start to notice the noise in your fridge you must not take this case lightly.

There are some of the points that you need to keep in mind while you deal with fridge. It’s better to take some time and investigate your fridge. However, if you are also here because your fridge creates weird noises then you have landed at the very right page. Because, here with this post, we are going to discover reasons and solutions that works for Freezer repairs, so let’s get started.

Ultimate solution to noisy fridge

1- Listen and check the faulty defrost timer

You might be noticing some ticking or scraping sound coming out of the fridge. There can be a case where you have a faulty defrost timer.

If this is the case, then you would be required to check into the frost build-up and freezer compartment this is going to indicate the failure of timer.

Now, next you need to listen to fridge carefully is it making loud noise once or twice a day? If yes then the timer is required to be replaced. You would need a professional help for Fridge repairs without disturbing other parts of the fridge.

2- With noise, not cooling as well

For this case you would beed to inspect refrigerator’s condenser fan motor. Here are the steps;

Step 1- First plug off your refrigerator from the socket.

Step 2- Now look for condenser fan motor, you can generally find it near the compressor by the bottom rear of refrigerator.

Step 3- Check if there are any visible damages. Check if anything is there preventing fan to move smoothly.

Step 4- If you find the fan motor is seized or worn then you might need a replacement or help of professional Freezer repairs team for the same.

So this is the other method to get rid of the problem of fridge noise. Now let’s step ahead with the next method in case of you are still getting the issue.

3- Faulty motor fan

If you hear weird noises from your fridge then a faulty motor fan can be blamed for this. Here are the steps to deal with it.

Step 1- Remove the fan cover after you plug off your fridge. You can find fan nearby freezer compartment.

Step 2- If you see an amount of ice on the motor fan then go ahead and defrost your fridge.

Step 3- Make sure to manually turn the motor shaft, it must turn freely creating minimal resistance.

Step 4- If it can’t be turn easily then go for a replacement.