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You bought ice cream, cold drinks and smoothies to serve them in front of your guests but all you find in your fridge is delivering watery ice cream and warm cold drinks. Now, this situation is really frightening. It was just the moment to serve these things to your guests but your fridge backed off.

You are left with the option to try some tips and check if they work in your favour as any of the professional help of Fridge repairs would require more than an hour. So, before you contact professional help. You can take out 10-15 minutes to solve the issue.

So, in this post we are going to be discussing about fridge not cooling up issue in detail. Let’s get started.

Easy solutions for Fridge not cooling up

1- The temprature is incorrectly set

You can start to solve this problem by resetting the temprature control. These Freezer repairs is known to be the easiest fix for the fridge.

However, if you also have children in your home they are the real culprits. There can be your mistake as well. While cleaning up the fridge you might have used brush hardly or foods item pushed against it. So, check the temperature and check if it works in your favour.

2- Condenser fan motor is broken

If you find your refrigerator not cooling up then the condenser fan motor might be the culprit. There can be a case where this fan stops to work and creates trouble your fridge to work properly. As condenser fan motor works by drawing air over the condenser coils to cool them.

In the case where fan is not working properly, then your fridge is going to overheat. Find the condenser fan motor behind or underneath the fridge. For this purpose, you are going to need professional Fridge repairs help.

3- Food items are blocking the air vents

To solve this problem, check the fridge box regarding food items. They can be the culprit here. Food items can be blocking the cool air vent. You might have stored the large box or bags of food inadvertently in front of vents. This results into preventing cool air from entering the unit. Just pull those items blocking the vent and shift them into different shelf.


So, these were some of the methods to solve the problem of fridge not cooling up. Try these Freezer repairs methods for your fridge and tell us if they helped.